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Bloom's Story


My name is Maci and I am the founder of Bloom


The idea of Bloom came from a space of wanting more in all aspects. I rented a room of my own and through years of finding myself and who and what I thrived from as a stylist, it showed me that I needed to create what I was looking for. There was a need for a commission salon with structure, education, team based stylists and room for growth! After about 2 years of looking for a location to start this journey, i chose 178 E Main Street! I did research, read a couple of books on marketing and googled softwares for scheduling but other than that, all I had was an idea and hard ass work to follow. Every year brings growth and there is such beauty in that. Bloom has taught me so many life lessons that no book or google search could ever prepare me for.


I strongly believe in education and it comes first in my salon. Every stylist at Bloom has assisted and/or trained under me and we travel learning from other leading stylist in our industry. Each stylist at Bloom has a unique skill that makes us a powerhouse team. We believe in each other, encourage one another and every guest that comes to Bloom can see and feel it. 

I started assisting at the age of 15 and I strongly believe that I wouldn't be where I am today without that opportunity. The assistant program developed from my past experience. It has provided so many success stories for girls right out of hair school to women that have been licensed for years and were on the verge of giving up. There is always room for growth and something can always be learned from one another. 

As Bloom continues to grow, I look forward to adapting, making our salon one of the BEST in the upstate

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