"Just Off the Beach Color Everytime"

Vivid Cosmo Light (organic)


Vivid Cosmo (organic)


One (one hour rapid)


Premium (Double Dark, Dark, Original)


Venetian or Venetian Plus






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This Maintenance Kit is perfect to complete any of our spray tans. It includes: Exfoliator, Cleanser, Moisturizer and 4 Faces 


  • It is highly recommended you exfoliate and shave 24-48 hours prior to your spray tan appointment

  • Do not apply any moisturizer, deoderant or perfume after you have exfoliated

  • Wear loose, dark clothing to your appointment

  • To achieve your best color and longer lasting results, it is recommended you wait the full 24 hours to shower

  • A warm rinse can be done in 8 hours if needed

One Hour Rapid Spray Tan